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After 7 years of dating I finally married my high school sweetheart in Oct of 2009. I had always dreamed of marrying him and starting a family. On February 16, 2011 that dream came true when we welcomed our beautiful baby boy, Colin James, into our lives. I look forward to sharing our joy with you!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

17 Months Old...

Wow... only a couple more weeks until Colin has been with us a whole year and a half!  As of the 16th he is 17 months old! I think he weighs around 30.5 lbs and I'm not sure on his height.  He has his next check up next month.  He still isn't talking much and it doesn't look like he will be talking much more than he is now by 18 months.  Hopefully the doctor will have some insight as to why.  He understands a lot though. 

Colin still loves to watch TV and he watches his favorite shows most days.  He has a few favorite episodes that we recorded because he laughs super hard at them.  I love to see him laugh.  My day is complete if I know he is happy.  He started walking on his toes when he's being silly.  He will tip-toe around the apartment and giggle.  A behavior that we have not been able to eliminate yet is his head banging.  When he is upset he will bang his forehead on a piece of furniture or on the ground.  Not hard, but enough to leave a red mark.  He doesn't do it as much as he was, so that's reassuring.  I know most babies go through this phase.  He still really likes to climb and stand on things.  I let him climb onto the chairs outside and look over the wall.  He loves it.  And of course he still loves Mr. Monkey.  :-)     Colin likes to walk up and down the stairs outside while holding my hand.  We don't have stairs inside, so he's not exposed to them all the time.  A few days ago we were outside and he took off up the stairs all on his own!  He held onto the bars and carefully stepped up the stairs!  It was the first time he did it without having to hold my hand.  I was so proud of him.

I think our nights with a 7 o'clock bedtime are over.  Colin has been going to bed around 8 now.  But the goofball still wakes up at 7!  So we lose an hour of quiet time at night, but don't get that hour to sleep in the next morning! haha  It's ok though.  He's so sweet and fun to be around, I can't complain.  Even going to bed at 8 he sits in his crib for a while playing and talking before he lays down and falls asleep.  <3

We have been going to the pool a lot, but Colin prefers to go to splash parks.  There is one in Allen that we are going to try out.  He is so independent and loves to run off and play.  He will go right up to other kids and try to play with them. 


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  1. He's such a big boy now! We want to try out the splash park in Allen too! :)


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